After Sherborne

By the time they leave, boys are articulate and confident; they have a purposeful sense of what they want to do next and are ready to meet the challenges of adult life

ISI Inspection 2015

The social and economic  landscape is changing so fast that it is impossible to predict exactly what knowledge a young boy will have to accumulate and what habits to develop to give him the best chance to lead a happy and fulfilled life beyond school and university.  Setting them off on the right course starts with the embedding of a strong set of values as well as self-knowledge, resilience, curiosity, empathy and  eagerness.  These attributes will form the scaffold for good decisions later on, whatever lies over the horizon.   

The vast majority of the boys go on to university degree courses at leading UK universities including Oxford and Cambridge and Russell Group institutions. Shirburnians follow a wide range of courses from Medicine and Law to History of Art, Architecture and Music.  There has been an increasing interest in overseas, especially American universities, with Shirburnians able to access special advice and preparation for non-UK university applications.

We celebrate the diversity of Shirburnians' achievements, in the firm belief that success depends as much on who you are and how you think as what you know.  It is reassuringly difficult to typify the career path of a Shirburnian after university, as you will see from our list of notable alumni.