Partnership with Sherborne Girls School

Something unique is always worth a closer look, particularly when that something is as important and as life-changing as your child’s education.

Sherborne Girls and Sherborne School are a girls’ school and a boys’ school, both full-boarding, but located right next to each other in a small, bustling Dorset town: Separate yet together.

We believe this makes us unique and unlike our competition in significant ways that will benefit your child. In short we offer a very different kind of single-sex education.

A single-sex environment in the classroom and in boarding houses allows focus without distraction. It allows girls to be girls and boys to be boys at this crucial developmental stage. But then, because the two schools are not only next to one another but overlap in so many places, the opportunities for joint activities, from music to sport, to drama to debate to coffee in town, are endless.

It is in this environment, with both the energy given by focus and the social normality resulting from co-location, that enthusiasms of all sorts are born. We believe it is these enthusiasms which ignite the spark that creates a love of learning and a desire to attain.

 View our joint prospectus below.

View our prospectus below.

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