Academic Societies

All boys benefit from the 'super-curriculum' which includes academic societies and a Saturday morning programme of lectures by outside speakers

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Boys' intellectual interests are expanded and developed beyond the classroom through the many opportunities they have of attending the wide range of academic societies, along with other enrichment activities.

Academic societies at Sherborne run independently of one another and are organised by departments and individual members of staff who have a particular passion or interest.  They will typically involve groups of boys from various year groups (sometimes limited to boys in the lower school and sometimes to the sixth form) who meet in the evening with the aim of debating and exploring specific areas of interest, often after a short introductory lecture by a visiting speaker, university academic or member of staff.  There is a strong spirit of inclusion and contribution and a respect for individual opinions.  These meetings are designed to provoke and stimulate thought and discussion, encouraging boys to grow in intellectual confidence and to think independently.

Society meetings are often held in the sixteenth century panelled Old School Room (OSR) or in one of the equally ancient library rooms, which surroundings underline the transcendent and enduring importance of enquiry and discovery. 

The list on the right is not exhaustive and the emergence of new academic societies, often prompted by a boy or member of staff, is a regular occurrence.

Academic Societies include:

History Boys
STEP Club Maths
MFL Club
Debating Society
Sherborne Sessions
C Day-Lewis Society
Maths Problem Solving
Green Ribbon
Hellfire Club
Junior History Society
Philosophy Society
Entrepreneurs' Society
Programming Club
Chemistry Symposium
Chemistry Society
Chemistry at University
Sixth Form Reading Group
Classics Society