Co-curricular Aims

Boys strongly appreciate the non-material aspects of life: they respond at high levels to hearing and playing music and studying literature, drama & art   ISI Inspection 2015

At Sherborne we aim to feed the boys’ minds, bodies and spirits.  Our co-curricular programme operates alongside, and in conjunction with, our curriculum to ensure variety, breadth and depth to the boys’ development.

Based upon the principles of the School’s core vision, the co-curricular programme aims to:

  • Offer an outstanding breadth and quality of activity
  • Provide opportunities to excel outside the classroom
  • Ensure all boys participate, irrespective of ability
  • Challenge and enable boys to develop existing talents and skills and to develop new ones
  • Reinforce personal habits developed elsewhere in the curriculum, especially resilience, persistence, team-work, collaboration, empathy, respect for others, leadership, confidence, and independence
  • Encourage flexible, individual programmes for boys wanting to pursue a variety of activities
  • Create avenues for excellence for boys with particular aptitudes and skills

The boys' personal development is excellent.  They are unassumingly confident, self-aware and emotionally mature  
ISI Inspection 2015