Design and Technology

Boys excel in creative subjects   ISI Inspection 2015

Every creative process is a journey. It begins with an emerging need or an inspirational idea, and ends with a product that must be evaluated to see if it is fit for purpose.

Design and Technology equips boys for this process. We help them articulate their creative concepts, and share them with others. Then, using our first-rate facilities, they bring their ideas to life. Finally, we support them as they evaluate their prototypes, and consider whether they would be successful in the commercial world.

In these ways, Design and Technology at Sherborne is excellent training for life in the twenty-first century. Whether or not our boys go on to pursue careers in creative fields like product design, architecture, and marine or automotive engineering, they develop skills that will serve them well in adulthood. These include problem solving, digital and artistic communication, and collaborative working.

Moreover, our boys garner a good understanding of the creative and production processes, project planning, as well as a grasp of the commercial realities of manufacturing in the modern world. We believe this is an important grounding, whatever path they follow.

Peter Chillingworth BA
Head of Design & Technology


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