Boys wanting to play golf on local courses can do so, provided that they are reasonably competent golfers and know the basic rules and etiquette. There is a group coaching course for all new boys during their first term at the school.

Each year the school golf team plays matches against other schools in both ‘friendlies’ and schools’ competitions. There are also matches against the staff and against the Old Shirburnians, and a match at Commem each year between parents and sons.

Patrick Francis MA
Master in Charge

Fencing is a popular games option at Sherborne, perhaps because of its old world charm, the thrill of the fight or the attraction of indoor sport in winter. Most boys are beginners or novices when they arrive but manage to pick up the basic skills quite quickly. Fencers are introduced to the three weapons: foil (originally a practice weapon), épée (the dueling sword) and sabre (the cavalry weapon). They also learn the skills required to feint convincingly, parry instinctively and swash buckle dramatically. Some senior boys have taken the sport to national and international level competitively. 

Boys are coached in safety skills and movement for indoor climbing. Progress and development is monitored and higher level skills introduced as good safety practices are consistently demonstrated. The programme follows closely the levels set out in the National Indoor Climbing Awards Scheme.  From internal trials each year a senior and junior team is selected and entered into the Independent Schools' Climbing Competition. This combines elements of speed, bouldering, top-rope and lead climbing disciplines. We currently use the Girls' School climbing wall and visit The Climbing Academy in Bristol for training.

James Kimber BSc
Master in Charge

Ski racing has continued to grow in recent years at Sherborne and the school competes in the annual British Schoolboys Ski Racing Championships in Meiringen, Switzerland. The boys compete in both Slalom and Giant Slalom events and regularly finish inside the top 10 in their categories.

As the sport continues to increase in popularity, we will run training camps that help competent skiers with a recreational background make the transition to racing.

Tom Mason BSc
Master in Charge

The Sherborne School Judo Club runs sessions throughout the year on Tuesdays and Thursdays during games and activity time.

As boys gain experience there are opportunities to represent the school at a variety of championships.  For example, the Judo squad recently brought home five medals from the HMC Independent Schools Boys Judo Tournament.

We are lucky enough to have a link with Bath University, and receive the services of Finn Gleeson – a third Dan Black Belt and highly experienced coach.

Caragh Standen MA, FCA
Master in Charge

Boys interested in running or in keeping fit are welcome to join the cross-country group in the Michaelmas and Lent terms. This is one of the most successful sports in the School from a competitive point of view, with trophies regularly won at both Senior and Colts levels. Pupils have also represented the county at regional and national levels.

To enjoy this activity boys do not have to be outstanding athletes, nor do they need experience of distance running. It is a team sport, and the position of the fifth man home is as important as that of the first. This engenders a great sense of comradeship and is a spur to improve performance.

Beyond that, running is a fantastic release from the pressures of study. It is also great for a boy’s health, and a love of running tends to stick for life.