Record breaking A Level and GCSE results

Following last week’s record-breaking A level results, we have further cause to celebrate with the publication today of the School’s best ever GCSE results.   33% of papers were graded A*; 67% A* and A; and 89% A* to B.

A very large number of boys performed exceptionally well.  Thirty-two (some 28% of the year group) were awarded ten or more A* and A grades.  Given that there were so many outstanding performances it is perhaps invidious to single out particular individuals, but mention should be made of Archie Macintosh (a) and Hugo Pralle (a) both with 11 A*s and one A grade; Harry Sale (m) with 11 A*s; Ali Nathan (a) with 10 A*s and 3 As; James Pyman (e) with 9A*s and 3 As; Felix Storer (g) with 9 A*s, 3 As and one B; Harry Gibbs (m), Tom Perkins (a), Simon Rose (b), Henry Stone (d) and Harry Vincent (g) each with 9A*s and 2 As; Douglas Hickling (c) with 8 A*s , 3 As and one B; James Dixon (g), Alexander Vydra (c) and Patrick Reynolds (c) with 8 A*s and 3 As; Will Thorne (e)  with 8 A*s, two  As and one B; Nicholas Burt (f) and Peter Folkes (a), both of whom secured 7 A*s and 4 A grades; Ben MacLean (b) with 6A*, 6As and one B grade;Vincent Hagg-Davies (f) and Sam MacDonald (c) with 6 A*s and 5  A s;  Olly Minchin (g) with 5 A*s and 6 As.

Headmaster, Dr Dominic Luckett commented:

‘Just as I was delighted with our boys’ A level performance, I am equally impressed by these tremendous GCSE results.  Many of the boys have very busy co-curricular programmes and yet they have successfully combined sport, music, art, drama and outdoor activities with academic performance at the highest level.  Among the most impressive performers were those who, supported by their teachers, had to work really hard to secure good grades and who achieved success through sheer determination and unflagging industry.  As the boys now prepare to embark upon their A level courses, I want them to know that I am extremely proud of them’.