Dr Dominic Luckett, BA, DPhil, FRSA, FHA, FCCT

We are a strong community in which kindness and compassion take centre stage. We are committed to the flourishing of every single boy and foster the conditions in which boys learn how to look out for their friends and neighbours, in which they develop habits of consideration and politeness that prepare them for the rest of their lives.

We are a community of the future, inspired and empowered by the rich heritage of our past.

A full-boarding experience

The value of our full-boarding environment is immeasurable. It gives us space to breathe, enabling boys to find and pursue their passions. It allows our academic programmes to be delivered with richness and variety, using first-rate facilities and led by inspiring teachers who give that bit extra to support the pupils and feed their enthusiasms.

Perhaps the most significant feature of our shared life is the strength of community that exists here. Boys look out for each other, across the year groups. They long for mutual flourishing and growth. They are valued members of the wider town community, renowned for their courtesy and good manners. They are our ambassadors: in their very ways of being, they show the value of a Sherborne education.

A world of experience

That education involves academic stretch, in a wide variety of disciplines. It involves an encouragement to exercise, to find a sport that is enjoyed, the practice of which stays with boys long into adulthood. It involves a deep valuing of creativity, of music and drama, art and design. It involves a way of life, habituated over the years, in which boys grow into the people they aspire to be.

Such growth is focused on Boarding Houses. They become a home from home, a place of fellowship and support. They participate in the ethos of the whole School, shaping boys to live successfully in community and value everyone’s achievements.

In these ways, Sherborne establishes a culture that I find inspiring. When I see our boys, observing what they become during their time here, I am struck by a sense of profound excitement. These boys are the future, and it looks bright.