Nothing rivals first-hand experience when it comes to firing a boy’s interest and shaping his dispositions. Whether that involves standing in front of a rare oil painting in an Italian art gallery, witnessing the horror of the Holocaust at a concentration camp, performing swing and jazz in the Caribbean or playing rugby in Australia, the experience will stay with a boy forever – giving him memories to draw on well into the future.

For this reason, trips play an important role in the culture at Sherborne. We encourage teachers to identify opportunities for boys to get out of the classroom and into the world. We make sure clubs and societies have plenty of chances to carry out visits and tours. And we timetable curriculum-related trips into the plan for the year, so boys don’t miss out on anything by going on them.

This is all a part of the full-boarding experience that is at the core of our approach. By making full use of every day in the week, we benefit from the space to enrich a boy’s education in all sorts of ways. Not only does that enhance learning, but it also fires enthusiasm – forming the habits of lifelong learning and intellectual inquiry that are a hallmark of the Sherborne experience.


Scheduled Trips:

The trips listed below aim to enhance and broaden our existing academic and co-curricular provision, giving the boys the opportunity to take their learning beyond the classroom. Facing new challenges, testing inner strengths, exploring new cultures and making new friends are only a handful of outcomes that can be achieved when learning outside the classroom. 

For further information and to book trips for your son, please see letter from James Hull, Duke of Edinburgh & Educational Visits Co-ordinator here. 

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Michaelmas 2023ActivityDestinationDurationYears Open ToOrganiser
21 - 25 Sept DofE Gold Canoeing PracticeUK    5 daysL6 FormMark Stuart
13 - 19 OctFrench Trip to ToulouseToulouse7 days4th & 5th FormPhilip Morrow
14 - 19 OctSpanish Trip to AndalucíaGranada and Seville7 days4th & 5th FormPhilip Morrow
13 - 18 OctDofE Gold Canoeing Final   UK6 daysL6 FormMark Stuart
14 - 19 OctSki Racing CampAustria6 daysAllDavid Guy
13 - 17 OctClassics tripRome5 days4th - U6 FormStephen Heath


Lent 2024  ActivityDestinationDurationYears Open ToOrganiser
27 Jan - 01 FebSki Racing ChampsWengen, Switzerland6 daysAll (selection)David Guy
12 - 18 FebGerman ExchangeBerlin, Germany7 days4th & 5th FormJudy Thurman
VariousTen TorsDevon, UK2 days
4th & L6th Form
Chris O'Donnell
22 - 26 MarchDofE Silver /Gold Exped.Wales6 days
4th & L6th Form
Mark Stuart
22 - 27 MarchPolo SotograndeSpain6 days
All (selection)
Julia Slade
23 - 30 MarchRecreational SkiItaly8 days3rd & 4th FormsBarny Allen


Trinity 2024ActivityDestinationDurationYears Open ToOrganiser 
17 - 19 MayCCF Parachute JumpSalisbury, UK3 days5th, L6 & U6 Form (CCF)Paul Wilson 
11 - 12 May & 19 - 20 MayDofE Bronze Training & Qualifying ExpeditionLocal2 days3rd FormMark Stuart 
17 - 20 JuneDofE Silver/Gold Exped.Yorkshire5 days4th Form/ L6thMark Stuart 
30 June - 05 JulyCCFNorway6 days4th- L6th FormsRob Le Poidevin