For those living within easy travelling distance of Sherborne, life as a day boy can offer the best of both worlds. While they don’t make up a significant proportion of our pupil numbers, each year group has an established cohort of day boys, all who enjoy full engagement with Sherborne life, while retaining a strong bond with home.

Life as a day boy is just as varied, stimulating and fulfilling as it is for a boarder. Day boys become full members of a Boarding House, and are given their own study space. Many choose to stay late at School, enabling them to participate fully in our programme of co-curricular activities, and to enjoy the social side of School life. They have a Personal Tutor, providing ongoing pastoral care and guidance, and have the same access to Sherborne’s impressive facilities as their fellow pupils.

Alongside their engagement with daily School activities, day boys retain regular contact with their families and friends at home. For many, this provides a perfect blend: they get to see parents, siblings and friends throughout the week and weekend, while benefitting from the huge array of opportunities and sense of fellowship available to every member of the Sherborne community.

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