When a boy joins the Sherborne community, he becomes a member for life. In his time at School, he will establish relationships that stay with him forever. He’ll form dispositions that shape his entire future. He’ll become a Shirburnian, and carry the School with him in the years ahead.

The Old Shirburnian Society (OSS) is the means by which that ongoing connection with Sherborne is maintained. By the time they leave, boys are automatically enrolled as members – giving them an ongoing sense of belonging, a ready-made network of contacts, and friends with shared experiences.

Old Shirburnians are very effective at nurturing their relationships after leaving School. The OSS builds on these links. We set up regular social events around the world in which Old Shirburnians come together to revel in shared memories. Many of these events involve the Sherborne Old Girls Society, meaning there’s even more opportunity to stay in touch with friends.

We organise careers events to help existing and past pupils build their professional profile. We facilitate mentoring, so that those at the start of their professional journey can gain from the experience of Old Shirburnians who have been there before. And we operate a charitable trust to help Old Shirburnians meet the cost of School fees if they choose to send their sons here (assessed on a means-tested basis).

Thanks to Sherborne Connect, Old Shirburnians can also keep in touch remotely. A private social media platform that can be downloaded as a mobile phone app, Sherborne Connect has more than 2,600 members – ensuring that our alumni stay connected wherever they are in the world, at any time.

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