At Sherborne, we are proud of our heritage. We believe the past liberates us, strengthening us to reimagine the future and situate ourselves firmly in the 21st century.

In doing so, we continue the traditions of our forebears in this place. Those who, as long ago as the 12th century, were educating boys amid these hallowed walls. Those who had a vision for an inspiring, all-boys education that would build on a Christian ethos and help form habits that last a lifetime: kindness and compassion, courtesy and other regard, determination and commitment.

This is our history: a School that first provided education to just a few pupils, as part of the monastery, before becoming a Free Grammar School in the 17th and 18th Centuries. A School founded in its current guise in 1850, bringing to life the vision of the Reverend Hugo Daniel Harper.

Under the Reverend Harper, who served as Headmaster until 1877, Sherborne was transformed. With a new railway in the town bringing students from far and wide, numbers grew and the School became renowned for its first-rate education. The staff expanded, the town revelled in its status as an educational centre, and Sherborne’s story took flight.

Now, almost 200 years later, we’re living that story anew. Each day our boys imbibe the vibrant heritage of their surroundings. They draw on it for inspiration as they prepare to find their place in the world, shaping it in ways that honour the past and celebrate the opportunities of the future.

To discover more about Sherborne's rich history, please visit the School Archives.