Overseas Higher Education Timeline

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There are a plethora of options available to our boys outside of the UK and the UCAS route. Popular destinations in the past have included the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands, as well as further afield. Sherborne will support an application to anywhere in the world and will ensure that the process goes smoothly.

The process typically begins with an expression of interest shortly before entering the Sixth Form. For certain applications, namely those to American universities, it is key that preparation for standardised testing, such as SAT or ACT, commences towards the end of Michaelmas so that a boy has plenty of time to prepare and take these tests at least once before entering Upper Sixth. Many parents enlist the help of independent consultants in the process of applying abroad, especially for more specialist applications such as for sports scholarships, and we will work with them seamlessly throughout the process. For every application, the details are tightened up, applications sent off and decisions received in Upper Sixth, commonly, although not necessarily, concurrently with the UCAS process.

A successful application overseas differentiates a Sherborne boy from his peers in many ways; the adaptability, interpersonal skills, and initiative shown by these boys can unlock many employment opportunities in the future. Most importantly, the experience of living and studying abroad can be truly transformational in terms of a boy’s confidence and overall satisfaction from his higher educational experience.


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Watch a webinar hosted by Caroline Clements and featuring David Hawkins, founder of The University Guys, discussing overseas HE opportunities and applications.

Mr Richard Fuller: Head of Global Universities

Richard supports pupils applying to overseas universities, and coordinates the School’s preparation of supporting documents, tailored to each application.