Sherborne’s pupils are proud to make it into our Sixth Form. They recognise the achievements that have led to this moment, when they step up and take a lead in School life. They are looked up to by the other boys, tasked with ensuring their wellbeing and working in partnership with teachers to build a whole School community characterised by empathy, kindness, compassion and mutual regard.

The Prefect system plays a key role, ensuring Upper Sixth Formers have direct responsibility for shaping cultures in Boarding Houses and throughout the School, including leadership of pupil voice committees to bring ideas and positive change to School life. The subtle changes in relationships between boys and staff also contribute: In A Level classes boys are encouraged to lead on extending their knowledge through questions, discussion and debate, applying their understanding to real-world problems and developing higher-level study skills.    


Allied to greater freedom in managing their time and the right to wear a suit rather School uniform, boys experience a marked shift in their sense of responsibility for themselves and the community when they enter the Sixth Form. We believe this is fundamental to their long-term success after leaving Sherborne – as is the ongoing higher education and careers mentoring boys receive throughout their A levels.




It is as if the next chapter of their lives has already opened up: through our distinctive Sixth Form community, we create the conditions in which their dreams, aspirations and personalities take flight.

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