In August 2022, Upper Sixth Former, Mack Rutherford completed a world record attempt, at just 16 years old as the youngest person to fly solo around the world. Starting in Sofia, Bulgaria, Mack he used this opportunity to meet young people on his route who do incredible things, making a difference to their communities or even to the world. As stated by Mack:

"Often few people know about them. Together we can show that young people make a difference, you don't need to be an adult to do incredible things".

Mack is both Belgian and British, has grown up flying planes alongside his father who is a professional pilot and his mother and sister Zara, who are also pilots. Mack knew he wanted to fly since he was eleven and received his microlight pilot’s license at just fifteen and three months, making Mack at the time the youngest pilot in the world. Since then he has flown two Trans-Atlantic crossings.

Mack’s progress was tracked through his social media pages, and through his website which included his route and arrivals board: 

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Animated Route Around the World

Mack’s Arrival in Henstridge, Dorset 

On 21st of August 2022, Mack landed at Henstridge Airfield, Dorset in his microlight aircraft, complete with the Sherborne penny. Mack was greeted by those supporting his record attempt and who’d been tracking his progress. 

The Master’s Medal 2022 

In recognition of achieving the world record, Mack was awarded The Master’s Medal for 2022 by the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. This award is the Honourable Company’s highest accolade, and is awarded to ‘any person in aviation, at any time, for an act other achievement in aviation considered worthy of the Medal, as soon as the facts of the event are clear.’ 

Mack has been invited to accept his award in October at the Trophies and Awards Banquet in London as  a guest of the Company.