The Learning Support Department sits at the centre of Sherborne’s community, both literally and figuratively. We are there for all pupils and staff, and offer tailored support that enhances learning and develops skills.

Our particular focus is on those with identified specific learning difficulties. Our team specialises in these areas, and we offer one-to-one and small-group support that helps pupils achieve the best possible outcomes.

We understand that every person we deal with has a unique set of needs and abilities. So we develop our support in consultation with teachers, parents and the boys themselves. That way, pupils know that they are working towards their own set of objectives, and that we are with them every step of the way.

We operate an open-door policy in our department and try to flex around pupils’ needs. So while there is a clear structure to our provision, we can also respond to challenges that arise on a day-by-day basis. This empowers our pupils, giving them the very best possible chance to realise their full potential.