The interaction between Art and D&T encourages boys to apply their creativity to generate original outcomes or to solve practical problems. Developing the confidence and ability to do so will stand them in good stead as they pursue their lives beyond Sherborne.

These departments work closely together, so that the boys have access to excellent and well maintained facilities and the chance to work with a range of media. The Art Studios and D&T workshops are open across the day, and at weekends, so that boys can develop their work in their free time.

These large departments encourage a deeper involvement in the creative work the boys undertake, fuelling their interest, developing engagement in their work and achieving remarkable outcomes. Since many of our teaching staff are also enthusiastic practitioners in their respective fields, the boys become part of a vibrant creative community, in which ideas are explored, allowed to evolve, and given space to take flight.

We celebrate our boys’ artistic and design achievements by displaying their work around School, and at special exhibitions. We also publish selections of their work in our annual journal, The Shirburnian.

Visit our GCSE and A level albums to view recent artwork.

Screen printing in action!