Every committed teacher agrees: if a young person shows an interest in something, it is worth doing everything possible to build on that interest and develop their learning. That way, it becomes an interest for life.

This is the philosophy behind our approach to clubs and societies at Sherborne. We offer boys the chance to participate in all sorts of activities, including debating, archive club, radio broadcasting, philosophical discussion, D&T and Art workshops, Drama, mathematical challenges, creative writing workshops, outdoor pursuits, and charity work and volunteering. Below is a constantly evolving list of what's on offer at Sherborne - there is something for everyone!

  • Art Hall Club
  • Aural Club for Music Scholars
  • Barbell Club
  • Barbershop
  • Beethoven Piano Trio
  • Bell Ringing
  • Board Games
  • Brass Band
  • Brass Quintet
  • CCF Army Section
  • CCF Navy Section
  • CCF Royal Marines Section
  • Cecil Society
  • Ceramics Club
  • Chamber Choir
  • Chapel Choir
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Clarinet Ensemble
  • Classics Society
  • Classics Translation Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Creative Writing
  • Crossfire
  • D&T GCSE/A Level extension
  • Debating Society
  • DJ Club
  • Drama Club
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Fifth Form Wind Ensemble
  • Gardening Club
  • Geography Society
  • Golf Club
  • Grade 5 Music Theory
  • High Performance Programme Sport (Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Form)
  • History Extension Group
  • History of Art
  • History Society
  • Joint Schools Symphony and Sinfonia Orchestra
  • Junior Colts Rugby
  • Junior Jazz Band
  • Lego Club
  • Mini Colts Rugby
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Nature and Rewilding Group
  • Oxbridge Discussion Group
  • Philosophy Club
  • Poker Club
  • Poulenc Trio
  • Practical Music Exam Prep
  • Sherborne Radio
  • Robotics and Coding Club
  • Saturday Supervised Music Practice for Scholars & Exhibitioners
  • Senior Rugby
  • Sinfonia
  • Swimming
  • Swing Band
  • Symphonic Strings
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Tennis
  • Third Form Music Scholars
  • Violin Quartet
  • Water Polo
  • Wind Band
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In every sphere, we encourage boys to identify their passions, and give them every opportunity to take flight. If a boy has an interest that is not yet fulfilled, we’ll help him find a way of pursuing it. And because we have a seven-day-a-week culture and a staff team that is absolutely committed to the flourishing of every single boy, there is both the time and the will to make good things happen.

The result is a lively, inquiring and busy community in which diversity is valued and everyone’s achievements celebrated.