Ask any boy and he will tell you that his House is the best. But while each has its own distinctive character, there is far more that unites them.

Each of our eight Boarding Houses provides a home from home, housing around 70 boys from across all year groups. Day boys are also allocated to a House, and participate fully in its community.

The House team is utterly committed to the wellbeing of every boy. The Housemaster works with the Matrons and a team of Tutors to monitor their progress. They come to know the boys very well and work hard to provide the best opportunities for them to thrive.

For an insight into our Boarding Houses, please view our virtual tour here.

Two boarding students relaxing in the dorms

The value of living in community across year groups is that such support also happens among the boys themselves. Younger boys look up to their older contemporaries, drawing on their example and feeling inspired by their achievements. Meanwhile, more senior boys display all the traits of compassion and kindness that we value as a School, caring for their junior peers in formal and informal ways.

That is why every House feels like a special place. Visit and you’ll find a profound, almost tangible, sense of community. A sense that every person is nurtured, cared for and respected.

In this respect, the  Houses are a microcosm of Sherborne as a whole. They participate in our values, helping boys embody them and giving them a wonderful sense of belonging. There can be few better starts in life than this.