Everyone involved in Sherborne’s community agrees: it is a special place, with an ethos all of its own.

That is partly a result of our unique setting. It is as if history seeps from the golden stones of our buildings, giving our boys a profound sense that they are part of a living tradition.

But there is more to our distinctiveness than this. We are committed to providing an all-boys, full-boarding, education that is shaped for the twenty-first century. In this way, we create the time and space to nurture our boys’ dispositions and prepare them for the future. Click here to be taken on our virtual tour.

Our timetabling ensures there is ample opportunity for every boy to find his niche and excel in it. All our boys have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of interests and enthusiasms, including academic study, music, art, drama, sport and huge range of other activities.   Their achievements will be celebrated by the whole community, because we recognise that our strength comes from our diversity.

We have a rich tradition of sporting and musical excellence. Our boys achieve great things in a variety of sporting disciplines, from rugby to rifle shooting, golf to fives, polo to athletics.

In music, too, we have an outstanding reputation for success. Many of our boys achieve Trinity College Diplomas and Grade 8s, and our Music School is renowned for its first-rate facilities. The same can be said of all of our other academic departments: we invest in providing the very best environment in which to enhance learning.

At the heart of our community is our commitment to the wellbeing of every member. Sherborne boys are kind, compassionate and caring. They look out for each other; understanding that their individual achievements are shaped by their relationships.

While life at Sherborne is full, with plenty to stimulate seven days a week, we strive to protect boys from some of the pressures of modern living. They are empowered and encouraged to use technology wisely, to interact with friends from Sherborne Girls, and to engage with the local community.

Above all, we preserve space in which they can simply be boys:

relishing their life together, finding time to play, and laying foundations for their future flourishing.

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