Welcome to Sherborne

Headmaster – Dr Dominic Luckett, BA, DPhil, FRSA, FHA

Sherborne is one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished places of learning, its history reaching back to the centuries before Edward VI re-founded the School in 1550.  We are rightly proud of our traditions and our heritage but also acutely aware of our responsibility to nurture, inspire and prepare our boys to take their places as leaders and innovators in a rapidly changing world.  Academic success, inquiry and fulfilment sit firmly at the centre of Sherborne life. We strive to ensure that every boy reaches his full potential, enjoys the business of learning and derives fulfilment from his own unique voyage of intellectual exploration.  At the same time, we appreciate the importance of giving our boys the broadest possible range of opportunities outside the classroom and encouraging them to develop their sporting, artistic and creative talents.  We recognise that the years a young man spends at school are as precious as they are fleeting.  That is why everything we do is informed by our determination to make those years happy, productive and rewarding for every single boy.  

The achievement of personal success is undeniably important.  We pride ourselves on supporting every boy in achieving his individual goals and in preparing for success at university and beyond.  At the same time, however, we want to inspire in our boys a lifelong desire to help others and to make a positive difference.  As a seven day a week boarding school, we are unusually well placed to do this.  Boarding teaches boys how to get along with others, how to share, and how to develop friendships of exceptional and enduring strength.  They enjoy each other’s successes and support each other when times are tough.  The boarding house is a home from home, the boarding community a second family.

The ethos of the School is both underpinned and informed by our vibrant spiritual life.  In addition to services in the School’s beautiful chapel, we regularly gather amidst the stunning beauty of Sherborne Abbey.  As we pray, listen and reflect we are reminded of those things that bind us together as members of a close, supportive community and are encouraged to think about how best we can use our talents in support of others.  The School’s thriving programme of community service and charitable giving, as well as the quality of relationships between boys and staff, serve as testament to the resonance and reality of our spiritual ethos.

We are lucky to be part of a much broader local community.  The School occupies an important place in the life of the warm and friendly town of Sherborne.  Among our most distinguishing features is the very close relationship that we enjoy with other local schools, especially Sherborne Girls with whom we work closely on a wide variety of academic, cultural and social activities.  Many of our boys have sisters at Sherborne Girls or at nearby Leweston, something which further strengthens the bonds between us.  Our links with these schools give us the unique advantage of being able to offer all the benefits of single-sex education but with the advantages of positive, meaningful daily interaction with our neighbouring girls’ schools.

Sherborne is a very special place in which to live and work, learn and grow.  Much more could be said about its flourishing intellectual life, its rich co-curricular programme, its outstanding pastoral care and its sheer physical beauty.  There is, however, no substitute for witnessing these things at first hand and I hope you will come and visit us soon.

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