‘Have life, and have it abundantly’ John 10:10

Principally, by using and maintaining spaces of worship of such magnificence they very often awe those who encounter them into profound silence and deep thoughtfulness. Equally, by our Chapel and the Abbey being respected places of gathering of the entire School community, where stories of our common or diverse journeys may be shared, heard and understood. By offering spaces in the week in which music, preaching, prayers and liturgy will be of the highest calibre and grow up like seeds within individuals to produce a rich life-enhancing harvest of goodness, faithfulness and kindness in the present and in years to come. And in turn by these gatherings of the community, whether in grand buildings or in boarding houses being thought of as fleeting moments of wonder in which a depth of personal search and spirituality can be explored, life-affirming inclusive services held and all the richness of the sacraments of God celebrated.

The Revd Dr David Campbell MTheol CECM MTh DMin


The boys' excellent spiritual development is reflected in their unassuming confidence and self awareness

ISI Inspection 2015