Guidelines for entry

Sherborne School is a moderately selective school and all boys wishing to gain entry must sit our entrance assessment, following registration with us.

Third Form Entry Timeline

Sherborne at Work Day

This day is an opportunity for boys to experience life in school with their peers.  Various academic and co-curricular activities take place intended to be fun and informal.  A separate timetable is run for parents which will give them an opportunity to meet with the Headmaster and senior members of staff, including Housemasters.

Assessment Days

All boys registered for Third Form (Year 9 entry) are tested in January of Year 7 at one of our Assessment Days. The boys sit online tests and will also have an interview with a senior member of our academic staff, a group task and will complete a piece of creative writing. These will be looked at, along with a confidential reference from the boy's current school. Following the Assessment Days the Headmaster will then make his offers of places for entry in September of Year 9.

Discovery Day

Discovery Day is a house-based event and is an opportunity for boys and parents to meet other families of the same house.  Lasting friendship often germinate through the House, not only for boys but also for parents.  A separate programme is run for both boys and parents ensuring that all your questions are answered.

New Boys' Welcome Lunch

Boys are invited into their new House for lunch with their Housemaster and year group.  It is an opportunity to meet with their new matron and house tutors.  We hope that this gives boys a reassurance and excitement at the prospect of joining us at Sherborne in September.



A typical timetable for admission to Sherborne according to your son’s age with dates for the forthcoming Academic Year.  


2018 Entry

Admissions dates for 2018 entry 

2019 Entry

Admissions dates for 2019 entry

Guidelines for entry

Sherborne School is a moderately selective school and all boys wishing to gain entry must sit our entrance assessment, following registration with us. All offers to UK boys will be conditional and will be confirmed once we are in receipt of your sons GCSE results.

Sixth Form Courses Booklet

Sixth Form Enrichment Options September 2017

2018 Entry

Assessment Day / Scholarship Day - Saturday 24 November 2017

Results to parents – conditional offers are made - end of November 2017

House allocation confirmed - End of Lent Term 2018

GCSE results announced - August 2018 places are confirmed by Admissions once we have your son’s results and provided that he has reached the grade condition of entry.

Overseas pupils

We are always happy to consider high achieving boys for entry into Sherborne in Year 9 and Sixth Form and occasionally into Year 10.  A reasonable level of fluency in English is required in order for boys to be able to access the curriculum.

Entry to the School

Those applying from outside the United Kingdom can apply via an educational agency or directly.  A full report can be sent to the School in advance before registering and this will be considered by the Director of Admissions.

Boys where English is not their first language may be assessed in the following ways:

1.  UKISET – UKiset is an online test designed for international pupils measuring ability in three key areas: Vocabulary, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning.  Boys for whom English is not their first language are encouraged to complete UKiset as part of their application in the first instance. 

For more details: UKISET

2.  Online cognitive tests plus EAL papers.  These can be sat at either a British Council, approved agents office or at the boys current school.

In either of these cases, boys may be required to complete a written EAL (English as an Additional Language) paper.


If a boy does not hold a UK or EEU passport, he will most likely require a visa to study in the UK.  Some pupils who apply may require a Tier 4 student visa in order to be able to study at Sherborne School and, once parents have determined that their son will require this to study in the UK, the Admissions Office are happy to provide the required CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) once a place has been formally accepted.  A CAS cannot be applied for before 3 months from the start date and certain documents will need to be provided to Sherborne School before a CAS is raised.

Full details of visa and entry requirements to the UK can be found at the UKVI website.



All boys whose parents do not reside in the UK will be required to have a guardian.  The School does not organise guardians, but a full list of accredited guardianship organisations can be found on the AEGIS website (The Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students)





Admissions Office:
01935 810403