When should I register my son for the School?

Registrations can be received at any time into the school; however we do recommend registration by  the end of Year 6 in order for us to keep in contact with you regarding the Year 7 Assessment Day dates and our familiarisation event, Sherborne at Work, held during September of Year 7.

What do I do to register my son?

Please request a copy of our registration form from the Admissions Department.  Once completed, please return this to the School along with the non-refundable registration fee of £200.  A bank transfer can be made for the fee or a cheque made payable to ‘Sherborne School’. 

Does my son have to sit a Pre test?

We will not ask your son to sit a Pre Test.  We hold Assessment Days for all registered boys in January of Year 7, following these days we make our offers of places.  If offered a place at this time, and the place is accepted, you can then rest assured that your son has a reserved place at Sherborne.  However, should places still be available after the main Year 7 assessments, we are more than happy to assess your son at a later date.

Can I choose my son's House?

Families can, once registered, complete a House Preference Form indicating their first, second and third choice of House.  This will be considered when placing boys in Houses, although no guarantee will be given that he will be allocated a requested House.  

Priority in House choice is given to children of Old Shirburnians or siblings.

What level of CE does Sherborne require?

Sherborne carries out its own entrance assessment in Year 7.  If a boy has been offered a place at Sherborne, he is still required to sit Common Entrance and the results will be used for setting purposes only.  In a few cases, Sherborne may give a conditional offer of a place to a boy which will require him to achieve a certain level at Common Entrance.

As a general guideline, Sherborne would be looking for boys to achieve a minimum of 55% at Common Entrance, in Level 2 papers.

Do you offer any sibling discount?

A 10% sibling discount is offered when you have three children at Sherborne Schools (comprising of Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls).  The discount applies to the third child and continues for the duration they are at the School, provided that the two older children have completed their full time education at one of the Schools - this usually means completing their Sixth Form education.  You will receive this in addition to the value of any Scholarship which is awarded. 

The fourth and subsequent children will receive a 15% discount.

A sibling discount also applies where families have a third child at Sherborne Prep School but this only applies for the duration the child is at Sherborne Prep.  If the third child then joins Sherborne School or Sherborne Girls, he or she will have the sibling discount and not the oldest child who had previously received it.

Do you offer any discounts to boys of Old Shirburnians?

There is not an explicit ‘Old Shirburnian’ discount but the Old Shirburnian Society (OSS) operates a Charitable Trust which is specifically to assist with fees of sons of OS.  

The award of an OS Bursary can be additional to any award made by the School itself.  As with all other Sherborne bursaries, OS bursaries are means-tested.  If you would like to seek further details of the process, please contact John Harden, OS Secretary, by email: john.harden@remove-this.sherborne.org.

Do you offer any discount for prepayment of school fees?

The School offers a Fees in Advance scheme. Parents interested in this option should request further details from Penny Baker, the Group Accountant, by email: penny.baker@sherborne.org.

Do you offer Forces discount?

The School does not offer an automatic discount for the sons of those in the armed services but two scholarships are available for entry to the Third Form. The Raban Award is available to sons of serving or former officers in the Armed Services and the Nutting Award is available for sons of serving Royal Navy Officers.  Both awards are worth 10% of fees.

Boys would be required to apply for at least one of our Scholarships in order to be considered for the Raban Award.  Boys are required to sit the Academic Scholarship for consideration for the Nutting Award.  All awards are made in February of  Year 8 (see Section on Scholarships).