Why Sherborne

Why send your son to Sherborne?

Sherborne is an all-boys full boarding school, which provides a rich and varied life for its pupils seven days a week. After academic work a huge range of activities is on offer during the afternoons, evenings and weekends. 


  • At Sherborne we offer a first class academic education. Through inspiring teaching we engage and guide each boy to pursue academic excellence and to cultivate the personal habits of mind and character that underpin a lifelong love of learning. Our boys get into top universities, including, Oxford and Cambridge, as well as specialist universities in areas like Medicine, Music and Art. 

  • Sherborne believes that every boy has the right to feel safe, happy and valued as an individual. Pastoral care has the highest priority in the very supportive house system. Resident house staff and a team of tutors provide guidance and encouragement in all areas of school life.

  • Sherborne has a unique partnership with Sherborne Girls School with some A levels taught jointly, while joint Musical performances draw in the talents of both boys and girls.

  • Sherborne is a peaceful and thriving town, providing security and sheltering the boys from many of the aggressive pressures of modern life, but allowing them to develop in a natural environment.

  • Sherborne has educated boys for twelve centuries. The School has been embedded in its religious foundation and long history, giving boys a lifelong stability in a world of fluctuating values. Integrity and decency are the hallmarks of a Shirburnian. 

  • Sherborne enjoys a long tradition of excellence in music and sports. Facilities and teaching are outstanding. Boys of all abilities are able to enjoy music and sport at an appropriate level and represent the School in high profile performances and sports matches.

  • Sherborne lies in the beautiful Dorset countryside, but is very easily accessible from London and Heathrow airport.