Boarding at Sherborne

The school's boarding ethos is invaluable in character building, fostering independence and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.  The boarding experience makes a strong contribution to the personal development of boarders   ISI Inspection 2015

Boarding at Sherborne provides a rare opportunity for boys to acquire skills that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

We believe that our full-boarding environment is the most effective way to realise the benefits of an all-boys education. Our boys are with each other seven days a week, for work, study, play and relaxation. That is an ideal context in which to form healthy relationships, as well as learning to live with diversity and the occasional tensions of life together.

Sherborne boys grow up surrounded by their friends, and there is no shortage of role models to inspire and motivate them. Thanks to the close bonds that form within the school community, there is also a strong culture of pastoral care and education. Mentoring between junior and senior boys is a very important part of the House community. 

House prefects play an important role in boarding houses, where they are instrumental in building a sense of community, and are well respected by younger boys   ISI Inspection 2015

Of course, the staff at Sherborne are committed to every single boy in their charge. We care deeply about their wellbeing, and work hard to provide the best opportunities for them to thrive.

Living in community is about growing as a person in relationship with others. By offering a full-time boarding environment, we provide boys with a chance to find out who they are.

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Through its comprehensive behaviour policies, clear provision of sanctions and positive use of rewards, the school is highly effective in promoting good behaviour
ISI Inspection 2015