Set in stunning gardens, The Digby was once a four-star hotel and was mentioned by Thomas Hardy in The Woodlanders. Regular refurbishments, including in the summer of 2018, have ensured the standard of accommodation remains high, with comfortable rooms and three separate outdoor areas.

Boys in The Digby make full use of the space around them to play, breathe and relax. This feeds body and soul, ensuring the House has a happy and mutually supportive atmosphere, not too pressured but with a strong commitment to every member achieving their potential.

The Digby’s community celebrates everyone’s achievements, regardless of their focus. Sport has always been a strong suit for the House, but academic success and outstanding ability in Music, Art or Drama are equally valued.

At heart, The Digby is concerned about the same values that underpin Sherborne’s wider community. Boys are kind, compassionate and invested in each other. It is a place of laughter and joy, care and generosity. A wonderful place for boys to call home.

Housemaster: Rob Le Poidevin

Rob holds degrees from the universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and King’s College, London, and joined the School in September 2012 after a career as an Army officer.

In addition to teaching Government and Politics, he is also Contingent Commander of the CCF.

He is married to Kirsten, who is also a teacher, and they have twins, Ellie and Lauren.



House Staff

  • Matron: Mrs P Wooldridge 
  • Assistant Matrons: Mrs S Edwards and Mrs R Gilgunn
  • Senior Tutor: Mr M Bone
  • Resident Tutors: Mr M Stuart & Mr J Krige
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