Boarding Life

Boarders enjoy living together and the pace, challenge and variety of the boarding provision.  They develop strong friendships with their peers. Boarding makes an excellent contribution to the boys' personal development

ISI Inspection 2015

Life as a boarder at Sherborne is certainly busy. The beauty of our full-time boarding environment is that we are able to provide a rich educational experience that goes far beyond the classroom.

Because boys are with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is space in the schedule for them to stop, reflect, enjoy living in community – and even to play. We believe all of these are vital to the flourishing of our boys, and have an important role in preparing them for life in the future.

Boarding Houses

Each of our eight boarding houses has around 70 boys living in it, drawn from all year groups. Day pupils are also allocated to a house, and have the chance to participate fully in its life.

Whatever boarding house a boy is in, it is likely to become a home from home. Boys are fiercely loyal to their houses, and mix readily across different age groups. Houses are a backbone of our pastoral care system, as places where boys learn to live in community with people that rely on them, and with whom they form deep relationships of respect and trust. 

Food is plentiful, tasty and nutritious

ISI Inspection 2015

Teenage boys are often ravenous eaters and yet they are increasingly discerning about what they eat, with many taking great care over their diet, health and fitness.  The food at Sherborne is of exceptional quality and unusually Sherborne boys sit down to four hot meals per day.  Meal times are always eagerly looked forward to.

With food locally sourced wherever possible and a strong emphasis on freshness, boys are given a choice of delicious hot options as well as a huge salad bar and fresh homemade soup and puddings.  Vegetarians and specific dietary requirements are catered for individually.  The catering staff are employees of Sherborne rather than centrally contracted and their sense of pride is evident in the preparation and presentation of every meal.

Meals are eaten centrally in the dining hall, providing an opportunity for boys to nurture friendships beyond their boarding houses and enjoy the camaraderie of civilised, communal dining.

The kitchens deliver morning snacks to each house for morning break and each boarding house has a galley kitchen to enable the boys to top up with tea and toast whenever they feel the need.  These often become social hubs, where boys come together to chat during their free time.


Omelette / sausages / black pudding / tomatoes / mushrooms
Croissants / waffles
Porridge / selection of cereals
Greek yoghurt / Fresh fruit platter
Fresh fruit bowl
Toast & spreads
Coffee / Tea / Hot chocolate / Fruit juices

Homemade pea & ham soup with French bread
Selection of hot vegetarian dishes
Carved roast beef with Yorkshire pudding
Carved roast leg of lamb with apricot stuffing
Roasted potatoes / fresh seasonal vegetables

Hot bread & butter pudding
Assorted chilled desserts

Lunch Salad Bar
Daily selection of meats and fish with complementary salads
New potatoes
Fresh fruit
Fruit squash

Chicken Korma
Vegetable Tikka Masala
Pilau Rice / Poppadoms / Onion Bhajis / Chutney / Naan Bread
Salad bar
Homemade Soup of the Day

Chocolate chip cookie
Fresh fruit
Toast & spreads
Hot Beverages