Sherborne is proud of its Christian foundation and accords a significant role to faith and spirituality. We are an inclusive community, where boys are encouraged to explore big questions and find meaning in their lives. This is supported by our regular acts of communal worship, which provide space for boys to be and become, for them to dwell in each other’s company and reflect on their growth as people.

The Revd Dr David Campbell MTheol CECM MTh DMinThe Chaplain supports the whole School community. As a member of teaching staff, he has daily contact with pupils and is a regular presence around School. Much of his time is taken up with informal pastoral encounters – boys and staff alike seek out his company, asking for wisdom or guidance in the midst of life’s uncertainties.

Various formal acts of worship scaffold Sherborne’s week. The Sunday evening service in Sherborne Abbey is an important moment for the whole community to be quiet together. It is augmented by a voluntary Holy Communion each Friday evening, as well as year-group gatherings that provide a chance to explore big questions and wrestle with matters of faith.

Such wrestling is a part of the culture at Sherborne. We do not prescribe what boys believe, but encourage inquiry, openness and a valuing of reflection.

Alongside that, we see our Christian tradition as underpinning our commitment to generosity of spirit, kindness and compassion. This is manifest in the relationships between boys, and in their commitment to social outreach and charity work.