One of the key relationships for boys during their time at Sherborne is with their Tutor. This person works closely with their tutees, meeting them individually each week and monitoring their progress in every aspect of School life.

Tutorials are wide-ranging, and can involve discussion of academic progress, PSHEE subjects, workload and co-curricular activities. As the relationship matures, boys tend to use their Tutors as sounding boards, helping them with curriculum choices, asking advice about university applications, and seeking their counsel about any difficulties they face.

Tutors work closely with Housemasters, who make considered decisions about matching staff and boys who they think will establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect. They are an important liaison between boys, teaching staff and parents, helping boys make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

Tutors have direct involvement in a boy’s life throughout his time at Sherborne. They take a personal interest in his success, and often become trusted advisors whose influence is felt for many years to come.