Sherborne 360 º strives to enrich the lives of boys in the School through a range of projects, and these are listed below:

Westcott 1920 - 2020

Returning Westcott to the fold

The reopening of Westcott as a Sherborne boarding house in the not too distant future will allow the School to reach a record 650 boys, more than ever before, but will need a complete overhaul to ensure it is fit for the modern needs of a boarding house for Sherborne.

The School is aware that the House's reopening has been welcomed by many Old Westcottians, and is very pleased that both 'h' and the 'black and white' colours will be returning to Sherborne parlance.

In 2020, the House was 100 years old, and we were honoured to hold a dinner for many Old Westcottians who fully support the reopening.





Creating exciting opportunities by widening access.

If we are to enable, guide and inspire boys to become the outstanding young men we want them to be - boys who are genuinely prepared for life beyond the School gates - we need to look beyond fee paying capacity to an applicant's intellect, character and ability.

From the Headmaster, Dr Dominic Luckett:

"The Sherborne 360° bursary programme provides the opportunity to support boys who would otherwise not be able to benefit from all that the School has to offer.  It is our aim, over the next seven years, to match the £2m that Old Shirburnian, Charles Eglington, so very generously left to the School in 2018 to created a bursary in his family name."

Please click here to read more about the Bursary Fund.

A bursary recipient, Richard Galloway (m, 2014) tells us of his experience: “My two years at Sherborne on a Foundation bursary has given me the opportunity to reach for more ambitious horizons. My time at Sherborne has not only led to new and lifelong friendships. It has also allowed me to achieve my ambition of a place at medical school.  Sherborne gave me the chance to develop in sport, and I now have the great fortune of being a Sports Scholar at University."