At Sherborne we believe we have a right to claim uniqueness.

We are a boys’ school and a girls’ school, both full-boarding, both located right next to each other in a small, bustling Dorset town. And because the two schools overlap in so many places, the opportunities for joint activities within the normal school everyday, are endless – from music to sport, from drama to the debating society, from joint socials to coffee in town. This combination of circumstances is a rare privilege. The best of both worlds, in fact.



It is in this environment, with both the energy given by focus and the social normality resulting from co-location, that enthusiasms of all sorts are born. We believe it is these enthusiasms which ignite the spark that creates a love of learning and a desire to attain.



Our Joint Prospectus

Our Prospectus


You’re welcome to visit Sherborne at any time, click here to arrange a visit at Sherborne School. If you are interested in visiting Sherborne Girls, they would be delighted to hear from you, please click here for more information on their visits and tour mornings.