Our Vision

The quality of the boys' achievement and learning is excellent. The school meets its aim to provide an outstanding, all-boys boarding education in many areas

ISI Inspection 2015

Sherborne aims to provide an outstanding, all-boys boarding education in a community that is based on Christian values.  By supporting and challenging every boy, we strive to ensure that each has the opportunity and confidence to excel.

We want our boys to become men of distinction with a strong sense of identity, an ability to think and learn for themselves, great integrity and a commitment to leadership and service.

To achieve our vision, we strive to:

  • Foster a spirit of intellectual enquiry, scholarship, curiosity and creativity, so as to cultivate the habits of mind that are essential to lifelong independent learning and the pursuit of excellence
  • Provide individual pastoral care and education that nurtures boys’ physical, emotional and spiritual health and guides them as they grow morally and socially
  • Promote independence and self-confidence, by helping boys become self-reliant and resourceful.  We prize resilience, perseverance and open-mindedness, and encourage every boy in his individual quest for meaning and purpose
  • Develop a deeply held respect for the needs of others, recognising the importance of empathy, co-operation and collaboration, and for the benefits and responsibilities associated with living in any community and in the wider world
  • Challenge and enable all boys to develop passions, skills and personal qualities through a co-curricular programme in which education continues beyond the classroom and that offers the broadest opportunities to participate and to excel