Learning at Sherborne

The boys are focused and highly co-operative learners who enjoy and appreciate the teaching they receive

ISI Inspection 2015

Sherborne has launched an ambitious initiative to help boys become better learners, establishing a school-wide learning culture designed to cultivate particular habits of mind.   Specifically students will become life-long learners and develop the necessary transferable skills that will equip them for the fast changing working life which undoubtedly awaits them.

Through regular in-service training delivered by the leading exponents in the field of Building Learning Power, a comprehensive programme of peer group mentoring, observation and review, established teaching methods are continually challenged and modified.

Staff and pupils systematically observe lessons asking questions about the level of students’ emotional commitment, the degree to which their learning capacities are being stretched cognitively, their social sophistication as learners and their capacity to reflect strategically about themselves and their learning. Teachers and students at Sherborne are working closely to develop dynamic teaching methods and frameworks that will stimulate and guide the boys’ development.

Although Sherborne is an ancient school, it provides a modern and dynamic classroom environment and remains committed to being at the leading edge in the field of boys’ learning.

Victoria Clayton BA, MCLIP, MEd
Head of Learning Development