In a full-boarding environment like Sherborne’s, pastoral care is at the centre of everything. We are committed to the wellbeing of every pupil in our community and have wide-ranging systems in place to ensure they receive all the care, support and attention they need to thrive.

The starting point for pastoral care at Sherborne is a pupil’s House. The Housemaster and their team – consisting of a Senior Tutor, a Resident Tutor, Matrons and domestic staff, as well as a team of non-resident Tutors, support the pupils in all that they do.  Every pupil has their own personal Tutor to keep a close eye on them, discussing their progress and giving them a chance to voice any concerns.

Naturally, close observation of pupils is essential to spot any changes in their behaviour or attitude. Because House staff come to know the pupils so well, they are attuned to such differences and work together to respond. They liaise closely with parents, building strong relationships of mutual trust and a shared concern for pupils’ wellbeing.

The role of the pupils themselves in looking out for each other cannot be underestimated. One of the joys of life in a Boarding House is that younger pupils have ready-made older brothers living right beside them. Strong relationships often form between year groups, with pupils showing great sensitivity and maturity in caring for their contemporaries.

Academic teachers also have a role in looking after pupils, as do staff with oversight of co-curricular activities, and the School Chaplain. As a result of our blend of formal and informal structures, pupils are well cared for and know that they have someone to talk to if they need extra support.