In a full-boarding environment like Sherborne’s, pastoral care is at the centre of everything. We are committed to the wellbeing of every boy in our community, and have wide-ranging systems in place to ensure they receive all the care, support and attention they need to thrive.

The starting point for pastoral care at Sherborne is a boy’s House. The Housemaster and his team – consisting of a Senior Tutor, a Resident Tutor, Matrons and domestic staff, and a Personal Tutor for every single boy – keep a close eye on the whole community. Personal Tutors meet with boys weekly, discussing their progress and giving them a chance to voice any concerns.

Naturally, close observation of boys is essential to spot any changes in their behaviour or attitude. Because House staff come to know the boys so well, they are attuned to such differences and work together to respond. They liaise closely with parents, building strong relationships of mutual trust and a shared concern for boys’ wellbeing.House staff work closely with pupils and families

The role of the boys themselves in looking out for each other cannot be underestimated. One of the joys of life in a Boarding House is that younger boys have ready-made older brothers living right beside them. Strong relationships often form between year groups, with boys showing great sensitivity and maturity in caring for their contemporaries.

Class teachers have a role in looking after boys, as do staff with oversight of co-curricular activities, and the School Chaplain. A result of our blend of formal and informal structures means boys are well cared for, and know that they have someone to talk to if they need extra support.


The entire Sherborne community is committed to creating an environment that nurtures pupil mental health and wellbeing to help boys become the best possible version of themselves.  

Our dedicated Head of Pupil Wellbeing spearheads Sherborne's wellbeing programme, leading a broad range of practical initiatives designed to support and reinforce the learning from the Wellbeing curriculum.   

Our close relationship with Sherborne Girls has huge benefits in educating our boys on topics of gender, sexuality, diversity and inclusion, particularly through the newly established Joint Pupil Pastoral Forum.  This involves the boys and girls meeting to discuss a range of pastoral issues, some chosen by staff and others more pupil led.  Recent discussions have included the topics of Race, LGBTQ+ issues, Anxiety and Stress, and School Socials.  This forum is linked to Equality Working Groups at both Schools to ensure that the messages, actions and initiatives discussed are developed and promoted in both Schools. 


Sherborne School is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.  We will not tolerate any form of discrimination, including sexism, misogyny and other forms of unacceptable language or behaviour. We share these values and work closely with our sister school, Sherborne Girls, to provide opportunities and encourage pupils to raise, discuss and explore issues which might affect or concern them or those around them.  Our Junior and Senior Joint Pupil Pastoral Forums enable and encourage discussion between pupils across both schools, suggestions from which can be incorporated into each school’s separate and joint provisions.   We also have in place wide ranging provision which seeks to instil in our pupils the values of decency, consideration and respect for others. 

The #everyonesinvited movement has provided further impetus for all schools to discuss and engage with issues of respect and consent.  Whilst doing this, we will also provide support, now and in the future, for any pupil should they wish to report any incident that gives them cause for concern.  Both Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls will continue to challenge and seek to eradicate all forms of unacceptable behaviour and language from our communities.  Both schools take the issues highlighted by the #everyonesinvited movement extremely seriously, have informed their Governing Bodies and sought advice and guidance from professional associations as well as our local safeguarding teams. We will continue to work together to ensure that our schools provide a nurturing, supportive and fully inclusive environment for all of our pupils, irrespective of their sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race or faith background.


Medical care

Sherborne has its own Health Centre, staffed around the clock by qualified nurses. They work closely with Matrons, who ensure boys take any medicines they are prescribed, and are a first point of contact if a boy is unwell. GPs from a local practice hold regular surgeries at School and are available around the clock for emergency call-outs.