The Wellbeing programme at Sherborne incorporates what traditionally is known as Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education. In 2020 the Government introduced a new statutory framework called Relationships and Health Education. Our curriculum provides a broad and balanced approach in delivering these important subjects to our pupils. We also cover important Citizenship based topics such as democracy, rule of law and financial literacy.

The curriculum is delivered in a spiral model beginning in the Third Form where pupils are taught by Housemasters, all the way through to the Sixth Form. 

The Wellbeing programme also provides a series of lectures on a variety of topics including mental health, online safety, digital literacy, screen time, racism, sexual violence and harassment, drugs and vaping. We have also introduced focus days where pupils will spend a morning unpacking a particular topic in more depth. These have included Equality and Diversity, Relationships and Alcohol use. 

Within the programme, there are pupil led sessions where Sixth Formers have the opportunity to be trained and deliver workshops to the younger pupils on healthy relationships and online safety.

 The Joint Pupil Pastoral Forum is a Sherborne School and Sherborne Girls combined, pupil led forum, which enables feedback on the pastoral provision in the school including the Wellbeing programme, to help improve the pupil's experience at both Schools.

The Wellbeing programme really is at the heart of life at Sherborne as we recognise how important the mental health and wellbeing of young people is, for them to be happy and to thrive.