The cheerful presence and the health care and support offered by the matrons is a strength of the boarding provision   ISI Inspection 2015

Sherborne has its own Health Centre, which is staffed around the clock by a team of qualified nurses. The School Doctors, who are partners at nearby Yetminster GP practice, visit for regular surgeries, and are available for emergencies.

T: 01935 810539   E:

Services offered by the Health Centre include:

  • Asthma clinic
  • Travel clinic for vaccinations/malaria tablets etc.
  • Eating disorder advice
  • Sexual health advice
  • Minor injuries clinic
  • Physiotherapy clinic

Caring for sick boys
The Health Centre has 13 beds that are covered 24 hours a day allowing for sick boys to be accommodated in comfortable surroundings by professional staff away from their boarding houses for short periods of time.

Seeing a Doctor
Boys have access to a GP on site daily Monday to Saturday. An appointment can be made through the medical centre,  by a matron or housemaster or the boys can just turn up before 8.10am and be seen that morning.

Any dental or orthodontic work should be arranged privately during the holiday periods.

In addition, we offer a full counselling service through the Health Centre, with trained professionals on hand to provide a listening ear.

Anna Leigh, Julia Stewart, Lucy Hughes
T: 01747 856719  E:

The school has a private Physiotherapy clinic, Abbey View Physiotherapy, based in the Sports Centre at school. Run by Chartered Physiotherapists, who have a specialist interest in sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, they liaise closely with our doctors and nurses to ensure continuity of care and work closely with the sports teams, coaches and gym staff. They also provide pitch-side emergency first aid cover for home and away fixtures (Paramedics are also present for all home rugby fixtures). They are registered with all major health insurance companies.

Services include:

  • Injury assessment and management
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Neck and back pain management
  • Manual therapy and soft tissue techniques 
  • Sport Specific Rehabilitation

The boys' moral development is excellent. 
They are proud of their school and respect its values   ISI Inspection 2015

A Housemaster and Resident Tutor live in each boarding house. They often become role models to our boys, and devote themselves to their care and wellbeing. Housemasters are the first port of call for parents, and are critically involved in every aspect of a boy's life. They are also fully involved in teaching and the school’s co-curricular programme, and are well-known figures throughout the community.

Every boy has a Personal Tutor, with whom they meet weekly to discuss their welfare and guide their personal growth. Personal Tutors take responsibility for tracking a boy’s academic performance, and support Housemasters in all aspects of a boy's development.

Another key figure for boys to call on within each House is Matron, who helps boys with medical concerns, looks after their personal needs and is readily available as a source of counsel and support. Matrons are viewed with great affection by Sherborne boys, and help them out with all manner of matters like sorting name tapes, travel logistics and maintaining a high standard of dress. They are usually supported by an Assistant Matron or Housekeeper, with whom the boys also have regular contact.

When it comes to ensuring appropriate pastoral care throughout the School, our boys are our greatest asset. Older boys are trained in leadership, and readily take responsibility for their younger peers. Mentoring programmes within the boarding houses give senior boys an opportunity to develop their skills in this area, and ensures that our corporate life is underpinned by a profound commitment to every body’s wellbeing.

House prefects play an important role in boarding houses, where they are instrumental in building a sense of community, and are well respected by younger boys   ISI Inspection 2015

It is a sign of the strength of our community, and the character of our boys, that they look after one another with sensitivity, compassion and empathy. This is one of the greatest merits of our full-boarding context, and Shirburnians take the habits they learn here with them, wherever life leads.

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

The pastoral system ensures that the care of day boys is integrated  well
ISI Inspection 2015