We are delighted to share some of our donors' legacy stories, which bring to life their association with the School and their motivations behind supporting us.

Our donors play an integral role in the success of the School and we are extremely grateful for each and every one. 

A most grateful parent. 

"I was not at Sherborne myself (although I often wish I had been). When new to prep school teaching in the 1990s, schools like Sherborne were financially out of reach for me and thus I applied to ten schools in the hope of a bursary for my son; of those, Sherborne was the only one which reacted positively.

"My son thus duly arrived at Harper and over the next five years, the School helped him develop the capabilities not only to lead his house and then become Deputy Head Boy, but also to make Oxford. Sherborne thus supported him through two different bursaries which together gave substantial (and much needed) discounts without which, he would have been state-educated, a direction which, if taken, I believe he would not have progressed as far as he has done today. For that, I have always been hugely grateful. 

"Thus, I do what little I can in return."

Peter Mosse (OS, 1965)

Photo of Peter Mosse

"My parents put everything into my own and my brother’s education, and Sherborne got us off to an excellent start, me into the RN and the brother a double first at Oxford – but it was a lot more than that of course. It was a broad education, good academics certainly, but also sport (rugger, tennis, hockey), music and art, but above all we learned how to get on socially – and we were very happy. 

"Grandfather was therefore keen to see his grandchildren similarly grounded and between us, with generous support from the RN and the School (three scholarships), we cracked it with three in School House (naturally!) and a daughter at St Anthony’s, Leweston.

"Having been involved in the School ever since through the OSS and Bow Society, it has been so rewarding to see nothing but improvement across the board - education, sport and the arts, and also customer base: significantly, in my view, still being able to offer the benefits of single-sex education.  The Foundation makes a huge contribution and the legacies from the Bow Society play an increasing part. Bursaries in particular are invaluable, individually, socially and to Sherborne’s success overall.

"Joining the Bow Society therefore helps the School thrive in a big way. If you are not already engaged, why not give it a try?  You will not regret it, many boys will benefit and the country will be all the better for it."

Richard Miller (OS, 1980)







"I arrived at Sherborne in the mid-seventies. Even with a struggle with Common Entrance the School was willing to take a risk.