With pupils coming from a range of backgrounds inclusion is key in maintaining and promoting diversity at Sherborne School.  We are building an inclusive school where we can actively celebrate the personalities, preferences and cultures of our community.  An important part of mental health and wellbeing is being accepted and celebrated and at Sherborne it is important pupils develop as individuals bringing their whole selves to a welcoming and vibrant community. 

The events surrounding George Floyd and Sarah Everard have focused more recent thoughts about our personal responsibilities within our communities and the roles we each play in improving the experiences of others. 

To aid this an Equality and Diversity Prefect chairs a committee of pupils from across the School looking for ways to celebrate the diversity within Sherborne School, and in our local community.  Our pupil leaders are key to sharing pupil voice and building inclusive environments.

The School organises and hosts lectures and workshop events with external organisations, Old Shirburnians and our own staff and in conjunction with Sherborne Girls, giving the pupils the opportunity to explore ideas and develop their own personal values.