Life in Harper House

Harper is set within lovely grounds in the town, which have a sense of tranquillity and space. This does much to influence the character of the house, with boys being relaxed within their environment but going about their daily routine with purpose.

The boys within the House have a wide range of skills that cover all facets of the School programme. Every boy can therefore aspire to the highest standards in whatever sphere they choose. 

Harper House has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment programme to include a large common room overlooking the garden, enjoyed by all year groups, a Sixth Form common room and new living accommodation.

About the Housemaster

Housemaster: Jeremy Wadham

Jeremy took over Harper House in 2010, in his 13th year of teaching Biology at Sherborne.  During that time, he ran the sub-aqua club and was master in charge of both hockey and tennis. He remains heavily involved with the coaching of both these sports and also enjoys the odd round of golf. 

Prior to becoming Housemaster of Harper, Jeremy had previously been its Senior Tutor – a role he also held in Abbeylands and Lyon, as well as tutoring in Abbey. He was educated at Bradfield College in Berkshire before attending King’s College, London for his undergraduate years. He later completed a postgraduate thesis at the University of Birmingham in the field of animal welfare –combining this with playing national league hockey at Harborne Hockey Club. 

It was while living in Birmingham that Jeremy married Stephanie, and they now have three children. As well as playing her full part in House life, Stephanie is a pharmacist at Yeovil Hospital.


Housemaster Elect: Nicholas Scorer

From September 2020

Nick is an Old Shirburnian who started boarding at the age of eight.  He went on to read Chemistry at the University of Oxford and in 2005 he returned to Sherborne as a member of the teaching staff.  He spent four years as Resident Tutor in School House and has been Senior Tutor in the Green for the past five years.  Nick’s co-curricular involvement is wide-ranging.  He runs the Army section of the CCF, is master-in-charge of Fives, and organises Crossfire, the School’s Christian meeting.  Nick is married to Kate, who teaches History at Sherborne Girls, and they have two daughters, Annie and Tilly.  When he is not teaching, Nick enjoys wild camping, walking on Dartmoor and family bike rides. 

Nick is very excited about the prospect of taking over in Harper and I know that he will be well supported by Jeremy Wadham as he begins the process of getting to know the staff, boys and parents. 

Housekeeper: Mrs P J Horsey
House Matron: Mrs U Grundy-Wheeler
Assistant Matron: Mrs J Butcher
Senior Tutor: Mr C M O'Donnell
Resident Tutor: Mr D A Watson



This term Harper House was challenged to perform a house play. Sam Hambro the director of the play took it under his wing to bring the performance together. Through many long hours of play rehearsals and having to completely scrap two potential ideas the boys only had three short weeks to have it perfected.  Being an actor myself I can tell you that that is close to impossible. The boys involved had to work tirelessly throughout these weeks as well as dedicate their Sundays to the play if they were to at least try and put on a show. However, the cast miraculously managed to put together what is surely one of the greatest Harper House play performances to be seen on stage for a while. The final product was called Your decision.

Sam Hambro (U6) was the brains behind this performance using all of his dramatic knowledge which he has been studying for five years to put together an extremely comedic play which all of the boys and the rest of the audience thoroughly enjoyed. One of the things about the play that made it such an achievement was that it was devised. This meant that even the actors did not know what would happen next, with prior knowledge of only the basic plot. This is what made the overall performance so incredible. Sam’s idea of this play came from a true story where Sam and a few friends found an old lady collapsed in the street and helped her out by phoning an ambulance. Sam adapted this story cleverly to make it into a play. The plot of the play revolved around a group of friends who are faced with the same problem Sam faced, when a stranger ends up unconscious and they don’t know what to do. Of course he couldn’t have done it without his cast. The cast involved: Ollie Palmer L6 playing Tony, Jack Baker U6 playing Alan, Henry Foreman U6 playing Steve, Tom Ackerman Ferreira L6 playing Richard, Henry Dixon-Clegg L6 playing the inspector, Will Andrews Fourth form playing the boy, and Dom Prest L6 playing the cleaner.  All of these roles were performed with confidence and gusto, adding to what became a great play. Ollie Palmer stood out as one of the best performances with his raucous portrayal of Tony, the responsible one of the group, who is also known to be bipolar. He performed his role maturely and with knowledge of his character. Credit also must go to Jack, Henry and Tom who all worked tirelessly to perfect their roles. Their work payed off as they all performed both professionally and admirably. But the majority of the credit must go to the excellent director Sam. Anyone who was under the kind of pressure Sam was in the weeks leading up to the play would have cracked and given up. Set back after set back meant that Sam had to increase the work rate dramatically. But in the end dedication payed off, as the result was there for all to see.

Overall I can say that the triumph of the play paid tribute to the amazing effort and hard work put in by all those involved not just the actors and director, but also to all those behind the scenes, without whom the play would have been nothing. So a big thank you must go to all those involved as they all contributed to a play that will be remembered for a long time as an outstanding performance.

Freddie Baker and Barney Trumper (5d)

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