The moral leadership and the management of boarders' care, in each house, are excellent.  Housemasters are tireless and energetic in their support for boarders, and tutors take a keen and individual interest in their tutees   ISI Inspection 2015

The relationship between a boy and his Tutor contributes considerably to his success at Sherborne. Each Housemaster works hard to match boys with Tutors who will understand them, and with whom they will enjoy a productive and supportive relationship.

Tutors usually meet with their tutees on a weekly basis, to discuss a range of issues from academic performance, PSHE subjects, workload and co-curricular activities. The tutorial is an opportunity for boys to seek advice and wise counsel, to be congratulated for their successes, and to learn from their mistakes.

Under the guidance of Housemasters, Tutors will monitor closely the academic and personal progress of the boys and will often act as an important point of liaison between boys, teaching staff and parents. This will help boys to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way during their time at Sherborne.

In this way, Tutors help our boys to thrive, and make the most of their time at School. They have a direct involvement in a boy’s life, and take a personal interest in their flourishing. 

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

One-to-one meetings with a personal tutor provide valuable personal guidance and support for every boy
ISI Inspection 2015