Music Overview

The Best Independent School in the Country for Music
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Music is at the very centre of life for Shirburnians, and we encourage every boy to take an interest in it. Thanks to our first-class facilities, our boys are able to take full advantage of the opportunities that come their way.

To help boys develop their musical abilities, we safeguard an hour after lunch each day for rehearsals, known as ‘Q Time’. This structured session avoids conflicts with other commitments, and boys are also able to practise in the early evening or later on, after sport.

Our brand-new music school opened in July 2010, giving boys access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, sound-proofed rehearsal rooms and a 120-seat recital hall. We also have a collection of high-quality pianos and two world-class organs, which keyboard players have ample chance to enjoy.

From bagpipe players to violinists, we provide opportunities for instrumentalists of every hue. And there’s plenty of chance to play solo, or join an ensemble, orchestra or choir – ensuring boys are formed by the discipline of regular practice, and learn how to work in concert with others.

Music is very much a part of the mainstream at Sherborne, ensuring that every boy has the chance to develop an appreciation of its innate value.  As a result, music is held in high esteem here, and those with talent are encouraged by the whole school community to flourish and achieve great things.

James Henderson MA
Director of Music